We were thrilled to have Troy entertain our guests at a recent cocktail and dinner party for 40 at our home. As one would expect from his terrific credentials, Troy’s playing was excellent. But what really made the evening for us was the breadth of Troy’s play list and his knack for tailoring what he was playing to the mood and the audience. Our guests ranged in age from 20-something to 60-plus, and Troy’s clever mix of standards, show tunes and recent pop hits appealed to everyone. As an added bonus, Troy was very flexible and a great sport, pitching in at the last minute to accompany the modestly inebriated host, who decided the evening would not be complete unless he sang a couple of numbers for the captive audience. We look forward to sharing Troy’s talents with our friends again soon.

~Rob Skinner, Partner at Ropes & Gray LLP

Dear Troy,
We were delighted that you were able to play at Nathan’s Eagle Court of Honor ceremony. Reaching the level of Eagle in the Boy Scouts deserves special recognition and we wanted a ceremony with those special touches that would stand out and shine. Your music was the perfect addition—bringing warmth, fullness, and meaning to the evening. You were very easy to work with and offered great suggestions. It was a night our family treasures. Thank you again,

~Dr. Sherrill Davis

Your music and great personality made our “Celebration of Life” Reception complete. The many family and friends who came to Rye Beach to remember Stan Drinkwater all enjoyed your wonderful music. Your talent and the broad range of music appealed to everyone. It was so nice of you to let the old timers play along on your keyboard. You did outstanding work from the back yard ocean setting of Concord Point that will be long remembered. Congratulations, Troy, on a job well done!

~Peter Drinkwater

Troy Lucia is a sensitive and enthusiastic musician. A modern musical renaissance man, Lucia is not only a magnificent composer but also a thorough and innovative conductor and captivating performer. He is incredibly passionate and the collaborations that we’ve done have leapt off of the stage.

~Albert Oppenheimer, Musician

Troy has a tremendous talent for communicating with children. All three of our children love their piano lessons with Troy (and one of them doesn’t have lessons yet, as she’s too young, but she loves to see him anyway!). Troy talks freely and easily with the children, putting them at ease. He brings music to life by using interesting examples from his own childhood experiences with music, and he uses wonderful metaphors which give the children rich context for learning. He is enthusiastic, thoughtful, patient and extremely creative, making learning music fun, and much like learning a language or math in a relaxed and fun-filled way. Troy is a genuine music enthusiast, and it comes through in his teaching. We would recommend Troy to teach your child music (and probably any subject!) without reservation.

~Lisa Evangelista, Parent

Our daughter has been taking lessons from Troy for a couple of years. He is not only an accomplished musician, but more importantly, he has been a very patient and flexible instructor. I especially appreciate the fact that he spends time with her on playing by ear and improvising, and not just on reading music and theory. Our daughter thoroughly enjoys her lessons with Troy and her father and I are thankful she has been able to start her musical education with him. I would highly recommend Troy to anyone who is interested in giving their children piano lessons.

~Kelly Baker, Parent

My 11 year old daughter, Gabby, began taking piano lessons from Troy a few months ago. She had never played piano before, but had expressed an interest. Troy taught her to “listen” to the notes and gain a comfort level with the instrument. Troy’s teaching style made trying new things “cool” and she enjoyed learning about the music, not just about the notes. Gabby retained the various fingering tricks that Troy taught her and used them while practicing each week. She delighted in playing various chords for us that she learned after each lesson. Within a few lessons, she had gained enough confidence and knowledge to play a beginner’s version of “Beethoven’s 9th Symphony” and “Chop Sticks”. She’s really feeling confident in her musical abilities and I’m pleased to see that Troy’s teaching techniques have peaked her interest to make learning the piano really fun!

~Maureen Richard-Saltman, Parent

Troy is a really good piano teacher. Even if I’m tired after school I still have fun when I go for my lesson. He plays the piano really good and teaches me a lot. He has taught me a lot of songs. Sometimes he even plays Simon Says with me after our lesson. It’s a lot of fun.

~Avis, Student (Age 8)

Thank you for being such a great piano teacher! I’ve learned a lot and have a really fun time playing the piano!

~Gabrielle, Student (Age 10)

Many people think that good piano technique is curving the fingers, sitting with proper posture, and keeping the shoulders relaxed. Troy is one of the few teachers who understands that these are just a means to an end and not an end in and of themselves. He believes that good technique is the ability of the student to have all the necessary physical tools to play any piece however they could musically imagine it. By instilling a thorough understanding of body mechanics, Troy gives his students the tools to do just that.

~Ryan Ottaviano, Piano Teacher